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Privacy Policy

This policy addresses collection, use, and accessibility of information that may be obtained through use of the Minnesota Court Records Online application ("MCRO") by an application user.

Automatically Collected Information

When visiting MCRO, system tools and resources may automatically collect and store specific technical information about the visit. This information does not recognize the identity of the website user and is not used to track or record information specific to the individual, except when required by a law enforcement investigation. The information collected is used to provide statistical data for our application management teams who seek to determine, for example: the information of the most and least importance to application users; the need for technical design enhancements; system performance issues and measures; and specific problem areas.

When accessing MCRO, the following anonymous technical information may be collected:

Voluntarily Provided Personal Information

The Minnesota Judicial Branch does not collect personal information of MCRO users, unless the information is voluntarily submitted by the user. Examples of voluntarily submitted information include: (1) sending an email; (2) submitting a form or request through the application; (3) creating a user account, if available; (4) information provided during a live chat; and (5) information provided after permitting remote computer access. The Minnesota Judicial Branch will only use voluntarily submitted personal information for its intended purpose and in an effort to assist the user in providing the information or service requested. Users submitting personal information acknowledge that providing personal information through various forms or email constitutes consent to use the information for the stated purpose.


In an effort to enhance the web browsing experience and make sessions as seamless and efficient as possible, many websites employ "cookies." Cookies are essentially small bits of software placed on a web user's hard drive by the host server. Some cookies, known as "persistent cookies," are capable of storing and maintaining the personal information of users so they will be easily recognized by the host site whenever they return. The Minnesota Judicial Branch does not use "persistent cookies." The Minnesota Judicial Branch limits its use to "session cookies," which do not permanently collect any personally-identifying information from users or track user activities beyond the website or application. These cookies are temporarily stored in the user's computer memory and are normally deleted when the user leaves the site, exits their browser, or logs off the computer.

Public Access to Information

All of the information collected from MCRO is subject to public disclosure. Personal information provided through the application becomes public record and is subject to public inspection, unless the information is inaccessible to the public under rule or order of the Minnesota Supreme Court, state statute (other than Minn. Stat. ch. 13), or federal law.

MCRO is a general audience application. The Minnesota Judicial Branch does not knowingly collect or request any personal information from children. Users are cautioned that the collection of personal information volunteered by children on-line or by email will be treated the same as information given by an adult, and may be subject to public access.

Contact Information

Visit the Minnesota Judicial Branch website contact page to provide feedback or ask questions about the MCRO policies.